A picturesque sea view from a hillside in Greece filled with joy and fun.

Good bye, 2020 !

What a year !! 2020 is one of those years that will stay for ever in our memories. Usually, when that happens, it is for bad reasons. And we would want, first of all, to send all our thoughts and love to all of you, who lost a loved one, who lost your breath, your sense of smell, who lost your job, money, a part of your freedom, who missed your trips, your holidays, cherish moments with your family and friends, you who miss the sight of a smile in the street, the hugs, the touching… 2020 has been hard for all of us, for some more than for others but 2020 was also full of joy, full of newborns, new loves, engagements, new friendships and collaborations, 2020 saw the people coming together, helping each other, taking care for each other and making sure their neighbors had everything they needed.

And for us especially, 2020 was a year like no other, the year we could start our new project, slowly, step by step, slowed down by the first and then the second lockdown, by the bad weather, by anything you could imagine but we staid strong and continued, one step at a time, towards our goal. Of course we had help. Local friends but also travelers and volunteers who came from all over the world, going through tests and quarantines to be able to safely come and help, they are the hands without which we wouldn’t be where we are now, the hands but also the hearts and brains. We wanted to thank you, once again! Thank you for all your help, your ideas, your support, your patience and your sense of humor ! We certainly can’t wait to see you back here, when things will be calmer and Joy’ce Kingdom will be flourishing !

So… During those last minutes of the year 2020, we want to wish you all a new, sweet and absolutely incredible year ! Full of love and joy, passion and discoveries, laughter and projects, successes, health and new knowledge, we wish your life to be full of people who make it amazingly beautiful and without the ones pulling you down, we wish you anything that you could wish for the year 2021 and so much more !! We love you all 🙂

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