My first steps in the mountain

My first steps in the mountains were this weekend. The weather was nice and warm and the mountain was clear, a kind of appeasement, confidence and well-being. However I did not imagine the mountain at all like that, I imagined it with less shrub, fern and less slope! But in reality, I find it has all its charm. Before discovering the different projects for the different places, I was wondering how we were going to set up everything. Until Ilektra gave me a tour of the place and simply made me travel. “Here there will be the kitchen, there the playground, here where we are it will be the activities, (…) I can see the bus over there and the vegetable garden here …”. Wow, I can’t explain it but I could see myself there. I could imagine children playing, while volunteers were cooking and another one spinning the washing machine while pedaling a bike! Just a lot of other people motivated, curious and happy by this project, enjoying the benefits and participating in the common life. These first steps, this first weekend, this first night were really nice, a good atmosphere and a great atmosphere hovered in the air just above our heads. We slept in tents and (I have to admit, it was not my best night because I was just sliding on my mattress because our tent was on a big slope…) the alarm clock and the nap were just perfect. The sound of the birds, the sea view, the fresh and soft air, a beautiful landscape, a great sun, great people all around and a good fruit juice! What more could you ask for? I won’t know what to answer except to ask another question: “when are we going back?”.


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