About Us

Joyce ‘n’ Fun is a social cooperative on the island of Skiathos, Greece. Skiathos is a small island full of tourists in the summer but where young people (from 0 to 100 years old) can enjoy calm, nature but also a big range of activities the rest of the time.

Joyce ‘n’ Fun was created as a way to give to the children more opportunities to discover the world with our programs and through the eyes of our volunteers. Our main objectives are to help children of all age discover foreign languages and cultures, through workshops, activities and games and help them develop their talents with multiple fields. In that way, we want to modernise education by promoting its non-formal, life-long forms.
Joyce ‘n’ Fun’s main project, the Agape’s travelers Hub  as a never-ending flow of incoming and outgoing travelers and worldschoolers. Some stay for a couple days, other for a few years but all have something to offer to the ever-changing team. Their story, first of all, but also their talents, special knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm.
There are at least 5 members and volunteers at all times in Skiathos but the staff gets richer every day, as we invite and host regularly all kind of travellers willing to share their knowledge and talent
with Skiathos’ youth. Our main projects have affected more than 300 children from 6 months old to
14 years old. Those children coming from different backgrounds and ethnicities are living proof that children are naturally loving and accepting of everyone without any hint of racism.

Have a look here at our previous and future projects in Greece and Europe as a Hosting and Sending organisation.

As a partner and Sending organisation, Joyce ‘n’ Fun :

– Supports the coordinator in planning, drafting and managing the project;

– Promotes the project 

– Selects the youngsters willing to participate in the youth exchange abroad;

– Prepares the group for the mobility: organises activities to inform youth about non-formal methods used in transnational mobility projects, social and pedagogical training activities, meetings where tasks are being implemented, Cultural Evening etc; 

– Coordinates the departure of the participants by organising and managing all trips; booking tickets and insurance.

– Disseminates the project results.