Film your impact training course from April 10th to April 20th 2023 in France.

Training from April 10th to April 20th 2023 in France : Film your impact

Dear everyone,

We are thrilled to share that we have been chosen as the Greek partners for an incredible project in France!

This project is for you if you want to :

    •  promote your work for the socio-ecological transition with the tools of audiovisual production

What ?

11 days Training ( co-financed by Erasmus+ ) “Film your impact” (Infopack HERE)

Who ?

For Youth Workers of any age living in Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Serbia and Portugal


In Laroin, Pau (France)

When ?

April 10th to April 20th 2023

Accomodation ?

The venue of the project will be Iktus, which is a small campsite near a big lake in a huge, open, natural space. The participants will be hosted in wooden bungalows for 6/8 persons with 3 double rooms and a living room. Each bungalow has one bathroom

How to arrive ?

The best way to get to Laroin is to book a flight to Pau or Toulouse followed by a train ride (around 4 hours).

What will happen ?


* Improvement of the participants in the field of media and audiovisual production by increasing their employment prospects;

* Acquisition of practical knowledge in foreign languages;

* Intercultural learning through teamwork and cooperation to achieve a common goal;

* Education and audiovisual literacy to develop a critical mind towards digital communication;

* Promotion of European values and a sense of European identity;

* Adaptation to work with different groups of people and different technical equipment;

* Optimization of time and deadline management;

* Promotion of the Erasmus + program and international mobility opportunities at the local level;

Increase of self-esteem and thus of active participation of young people at local and European level;

* Acquisition of specific video recording and editing skills;

* Dissemination of non-formal learning methods;

* Dissemination of audiovisual content creation as a non-formal learning methodology;

* Creation of videos for local associations in Pau during the exchange, and for other local associations once back in their respective countries;

Who is part of the consortium?

Greek participants will be selected by and represent Joyce ‘n’ Fun.

Spanish participants will be selected by and represent Asociacion Bregal

Italian participants will be selected by and represent Storyrec

Serbian participants will be selected by and represent EPEKA

Portuguese participants will be selected by and represent DCTR

How do I apply ?

Greek participants will apply by sending a motivation letter to Joyce ‘n’ Fun joycenfun (a)

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