About volunteering

People volunteer for various reasons. Some want to provide help to individuals in need, return to the organisation from which they themselves received help in the past, raise the quality of life in the local community or change the world for the better. Through their volunteering work, they personally grow and gain valuable experience.

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is a work that an individual performs for the benefit of others or for the general benefit, according to his free will and without the expectation of material gain for himself.

Voluntary work can be done in an informal manner, including all unorganized forms of assistance, and organised, within non profit organisations.

Areas of volunteer work are diverse: (social care, education and education, youth, culture, intercultural and international cooperation, sport, tourism, health, sustainable development, environment, recreation, intergenerational assistance, protection and rescue …). It is performed by individuals of different ages , knowledge and experience . As with all other forms of work, it is important that volunteers are responsible and properly trained in the work they do.  

Volunteering is of great importance to the community because :

– it helps improving the quality of life in society;
– it can defend the interests of individuals and groups who are endangered, deprived, marginalized, excluded;
– it is one of the basic channels of civil society’s response to the needs in it and creates the potential for the active participation of citizens in society;
– it has great importance for development and for the future. It contributes to the development of existing systems, to the development of the values ​​of solidarity, to the social and other progress of society.