Hello girls !

So, as they say the weather will get colder after Christmas, you might need to lit up a fire in the stove.

Just a few tricks to be sure it is not too much of an hassle…

Before starting, clean the ashes remaining inside

From that
You can use that metallic thing to do it
To that !

As for any other fire, you start from small to big.

You’ll find a lof of cardboard next to the stove, use as much as you want and put as much small wood you’ve found outside on top of it https://photos.app.goo.gl/zGBNgyFHZGJvfiBp9

Before lighting the fire, it helps to open this door a little bit. You might have some smoke because of it, so don’t forget to close it (and open the door of the balcony if you want) when the fire is lit but it really helps, as more oxygen is getting inside.

Chose some medium sized pieces of wood and have them ready. Take firelighters from the bookshelves, you can also put some blue alcohol if you want. I usually take 2 firelighters and cut them in 3 or four, putting the pieces in different spots (you can again use the same metallic thing to push them under the wood)

When the fire is well lit, put the medium sized pieces of wood inside (you can use the door on the top or in the front) and when those are lit, put one or two big ones.

That’s it, enjoy the warmth 🙂

Don’t forget to close the bottom drawer when you are sure the fire is good. We have a lot of wood on the balcony, on the left. Think on bringing some inside to put it next to the stove, so you are sure it is dry when you will need to burn it.

Depending on the weather, if it gets really cold, don’t hesitate to sleep in the living room, the mattress on the couch is the best we have in the house 🙂 On the other side, you can also turn on the electric blankets (sheets, actually) in the children’s beds (and in the closet with the other blankets.

See you soon !