You are and always will be our main project. The Agape’s travelers Hub welcomes travelers and volunteers from all over the world for any amount of time. They come to rest (or not), to share (stories, skills, ideas..), to learn and teach, to laugh or cry, to go on adventures at the beach or on the mountain, every one of them is unique and brings something special to the team.
Our hub was born naturally, created for and by volunteers who were travelling to our island from all over the world. Its inhabitants form a growing community living together, managing their time, tasks and activities with the help of agile tools, sharing the chores and the entertainment with the same natural flow.

We are now in the process of starting a food forest where we’ll host an eco-centered leisure and learning hub for seminars, events, retreats but more than anything, just human encounters… (In order to avoid any misunderstanding here, other than the help in the house, the garden and with the children, if you happen to be here during an event, you will be invited to take part of any activity you want, out of your “volunteering hours”.)
In the next months, we will need help packing the boxes and then, we’ll move all that in the mountain where we will need to create together the basic minimum to live in nature 🙂 In the meantime, I will also need help keeping an eye on my children while I work around…
What do you say ? Interested ?