Hello girls and welcome home !

As I won’t be there when you arrive, I’ll try to think anything I’d tell you if I was there…

First of all, thank you for coming to help 🙂 As you already know, I am really, really happy someone will take care of our animals but even more to have someone with who I can take care of the house because it really needs it, as life with a baby (and a teenager) can be overwhelming and not leaving much time for anything else.

You are now in your house, you can do whatever you’d do in your house (ok, no, if you want to smoke please go on the balcony), eat whatever you want to eat, etc Some things you need to know :

Please don’t forget that everywhere in Greece, you don’t throw paper in the toilet but in the bin !

I’ll leave our sheets on the beds to protect them, the clean sheets (and blankets) are in the closet in the hallway (you’ll see it), take whatever you need !

We wish you a fantastic stay, see you soon !

On this map, you’ll find the house but also the Spar supermarket where we usually go (you’ll have to climb the stairs close to the house or go around by the sea)