Hi !

The animals eat 3 times a day a handful of dry food (if they don’t eat it right away it isn’t a problem.

The cat has the small ones in the metallic box and the dog the big ones in the cupboard.

Don’t forget to put it back in the cupboard (there is a bag with cat food too if the metallic box is empty) but be careful to put it quite deep, so it doesn’t get stuck in the door when you close it.

I usually have the broom in front of the left door, as it is where we put the sweet food and Rainbow tends to love it when we forget to close the door…

I always leave a door to the garden open, so they can both come and go. I’ll leave the door of my bedroom open but if someone wants to sleep in it, you can close it and open another one. I usually go for a couple walks during the day but it can happen that Rainbow just wants to stay inside, under the blankets. You’ll see she is a very, very cuddly dog and she might want to sleep with you, under your blankets… Eevee is very sweet too but more independant. She might also come to sleep with you, though.